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Areas of concern


Grief and Loss






Self esteem


Personal development

Self harm

Sexual concerns

Eating disorders



People are OK (each person has validity, importance and equality in respect).

Everyone has the capacity to think  (with few exceptions, such as severe brain damage)

People have choices and are able to decide their destiny.

     To talk

     To be heard

      To be you

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What is counselling / psychotherapy?

It's about being able to have a safe and trusted environment where you feel comfortable to share whatever is going on for you, problems, concerns, areas you’d like to personally develop.  Essentially, it’s time for you to just be you, free from any form of judgement.    


What do I do as the therapist?

My key skill is in listening…that’s really listening and hearing, seeing you, empathising with your feelings.  It’s then my role to facilitate you in finding your own solutions, helping you increase your own self-awareness and realisation that you have choices.


What's the different between counselling and psychotherapy?

There are many different views and definitions, personally, I descirbe counselling as shorter terms and less complex work, based on the here and now.  Psychotherapy being longer term, more complex work,  understanding how early messages from the past may influence the now.  


What's Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis (TA) is the core method behind my overall  approach.  Beginning in the 1960’s, its founder was Eric Berne, a Canadian born Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist.  It’s a proven theory of personality and a therapy focused on personal growth and change.  The core beliefs that underpin the approach are:





It was Berne’s belief that we make “survival decisions” as small children which result in how we see, think and feel about ourselves and others in the world.  Those decisions were useful to us at the time but carried into our adult life, they may not always serve us well.  We can work together to understand what is useful and what isn’t, with the opportunity to explore other choices.  


My priority, however is to use the approach we agree is best tailored to you and your needs, so there are many other methods I also adopt e.g. CBT, EFT, Mindfulness, creative sand-tray to name some. If you'd like to understand more about these  just take a look at the “Approaches” tab.


Cost:  £50 per one hour session.