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What is couples therapy?

Whereas individual counselling is working with you as an individual, this is about working with your relationship.  



What do I do as the therapist?

In the same way as working with individuals, my key skill is in listening…that’s really listening and hearing, seeing you, empathising with your feelings about what’s going on in your relationship.  It's important to understand any conflicts, seek clarity and be aware of what's missing.  It’s then my role to facilitate you in increasing your own self-awareness and finding your own solutions and conclusions.  



When is it useful?

About to get married or discussing your relationship in the longer term and want to ensure you get a good start? Want to understand more about each other?  Or are you finding you’re stuck in negative patterns that ends up making you feel bad? Are you unable to truly say what you want to? Are you staying together for the wrong reasons or are unsure? Are you splitting or divorcing and want to so this in a constructive way? Or maybe you just want to ensure that you have an on-going healthy relationship and see this as part of your personal development together?  Relationship counselling is useful in all of these scenarios.


Ultimately, it’s most useful when both of you are willing to work together to make decisions or changes in your relationship in order that you can take the next step in your journey, whether that be together or apart.    



Cost: £50 per 1 ¼ hour session.


Areas of concern.



Commitment issues

Jealousy and anger

Poor communication

Power imbalances

Breakdown in trust

Pre-marital counselling

Sexual problems

Extra-marital affairs

Marital counselling

Divorce counselling

Personal development



Make changes

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