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Sharing Problems

Finding solutions

What is group therapy?

Group counselling is where a small group of individuals meet regularly in order to talk, interact and discuss problems with each other.  The group environment allows you to experiment with new behaviours, improve your communication skills, increase your self-awareness and sense of others, with an opportunity to receive feedback from multiple perspectives.  



What’s my role as the therapist?

As with all other forms of counselling, my role is about providing a safe environment, where you feel comfortable to share your problems and concerns with others.  As the facilitator of the group I would empower individual members to learn for themselves and seek out solutions.  



Why might a group be preferable over individual work?

Groups can be particularly useful if you want to explore how you relate to others, to see yourself through their eyes and to benefit from their experiences and support whilst offering your own.  People often have a lot to offer each other.  



When do you run group sessions?

I run groups when I have enough people to do so on a regular basis (minimum of six weekly meetings).  So, if you’re interested in joining the next group that runs then contact me to let me know.



Cost: £20 / £25 per person per 1 ½ / 2 hour session   (group size maximum 5)

(Specific cost is determined by group number and agreed duration)

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