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Free Your Mind Take control

What is Hypnotherapy?

What comes to mind?  You may conjure up images or thoughts of stage shows. In reality, real hypnosis bears little resemblance to that and can be far more beneficial. It's all about slowing down the pace of life in order to allow your mind to receive positive suggestions for change. You've probably already experienced something similar to hypnosis and not even known it. Have you ever been on a train journey, sat there with half-closed eyes, day-dreaming or driven a journey and suddenly wonder how you reached your destination? In that boundary between sleep and awake our brain produces alpha waves - that's where I can help guide your unconscious mind to solve the problems that your conscious brain can't do on its own.



What do I do as the Hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing process and it is my role to provide a safe and trusted environment where you can allow yourself to relax and slow down your mind.  I do this through recognised relaxation techniques which then allow you to focus on the story I take you through, with the appropriate personalisation and suggestions included.  



What’s it useful for?

I can carry out short term (1-3 sessions) tailored hypnotherapy which is useful for a wide range of areas as listed in the box on the right of this screen.  I am also able, in longer term work, to provide Hypnotherapy in conjunction with counselling / psychotherapy or other techniques as is appropriate for you.  


Cost: £45 per one hour session.  

Stopping smoking

Phobia cure

Nerves, anxiety and worry

Stress reduction and management

Exam nerves

Irritation and agitation



Weight control

Teeth grinding


Pain relief / management

Positive thinking


Sleep issues and insomnia

Self-esteem and confidence

Habit elimination / reduction

Sports Performance Enhancement


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